Artist Info__________________
Since my husband bought me my first digital camera back
in 2003, my love for photography has been rekindled.  In
fact, the first time I used my new camera was my and my
husband's first visit to Central Park in New York City.  
It was a snowy, foggy day and every where I turned, there
seemed to be a photograph waiting to be taken. Many of
those first digital photos are on this site under BW

My interest in photography came to life when I saw Greg
Brady on the Brady Bunch shooting and developing his own
film, of all things.  I started with a Brownie camera,
used a Polaroid at times, a 110, and finally graduated to
the 35mm.  My target was my family, sometimes to their
dismay.  My father built a darkroom for me in the family
basement. The first few photos I developed and printed
were in black and white and were of our dog Smokey and of
Niagara Falls from a family trip.  In high school, I was
the school newspaper photographer and also shot some
photos for the yearbook.

After graduating from high school, I attended the School
of Visual Arts in New York City.  I was introduced to fine
art photography there and was taken with the works of W.
Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorthea Lange, and
other photographers whose work reflected a humane,
compassionate theme.  I seemed to have my most productive
years under the guidance of Helen Buttfield in my first
and fourth years there.  I received a Bachelor of Fine
Arts in Photography in 1980.

While at SVA, I married and the following years after
that I became preoccupied with the responsibilities of
adult life and found it difficult and time consuming to
set up a darkroom in apartments and for a time in a
trailer while my husband was in the Marine Corps. And
photography went to the sidelines for me.  I returned to
school and received a graduate degree in English and
tutored and taught some for eight years.  It has only been
the last ten years or so with the birth of digital
photography that I have returned to my interest in it.
With the support of my husband, I spent two years learning
the digital process and to my relief, I can print photos
without the use of chemicals.  I am also pleased that the
archival quality of digital prints is vastly improving and
beginning to rival that of the traditional silver gelatin

Since learning the digital process, I have been involved
in local area shows and had a photograph called "Waiting
for the Pope" accepted in the exhibit "A Tribute to New
York" at Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown, New
Jersey honoring the enduring spirit of New Yorkers after

Along with learning digital photography, I returned to
oil painting too.  My interest in this area sprang to life
when I started painting at the age of eleven in the home
of a woman who held after-school painting classes in her
kitchen.  Her name was Helen Reidy. She was a very small
woman with a big personality, and I enjoyed those
afternoons in her classes. All through my adult years,
especially in the summer, I had a yearning to return to
oil painting and had the privilege of working with Elaine
Sgambati at Riverview Art School in Island Heights, NJ for
eight years.  With Elaine's expert guidance and excellent
eye, I was able to return to the joy of painting and to
participate along with her many gifted students in her
gallery shows and art festivals.

After many years of oil painting, I decided to try using
once again the pastels I had sitting in a can since I was
twelve years old. I wanted to do a portrait of my sister's
dog and thought the pastels would be an excellent medium
for painting fur. It was. It was also an excellent medium
for capturing the light effect I desired. Lastly, I found
that I could leave the pastel stick and pick it up again
the next day without it drying up as oils did. I have
applied what I learned with Elaine at Riverview Art School
to my pastel paintings and have discovered it works well.

Both photography and pastel painting are avenues of
expression, peace, and fulfillment for me.  As life and
God grant me the opportunities, I hope to continue to
study and learn in these areas and bring to life through
these mediums what I see and experience day to day.